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Sierra Gallimore - Gwynn
Assistant & Consultant

Marketing Assistance to Set your Business Apart from the Others!

Hummingbird Marketing has been a dream of mine and I am finally making it a reality. Hummingbird Marketing is named after something very important to me. I lost my grandma last year. Her favorite past time was watching hummingbirds out at her feeders. I spent many summers on the front porch watching them with her. Those are moments I will always cherish. Mama always wanted me to follow my dreams, and today the new journey begins. Hummingbird Marketing LLC.

I want to help small businesses and independent contractors with their marketing needs to enhance and grow their business. I have a background in real estate marketing where I worked for the past 6 years. Over those years I have attended numerous marketing classes and trainings. I have helped a number of agents and offices build their business. Contact me to discuss how I can do the same for you!

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